This is the 23rd International Youth Leadership Conference

The International Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC) is one of Omega Psi Phi’s Flagship youth events that always “kick-off” the Grand Conclave of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated.

The International Youth Leadership Conference (IYLC) which targets high school young men from across the globe will be held on the campus of the University of Bahamas on  July 12, 2023.

The capacity for the International Youth Leadership Conference is 125 youth.

Omega Men (IYLC Team) and other subject matter experts from various regions of the United States and across the globe, will facilitate the free workshops. Past workshops included and were not limited to; self-esteem enhancement, goal setting and academic success, health and wellness, Manhood 101, financial literacy, social and personal responsibility, civic engagement, family unity, Black History Quiz Bowl, and conflict resolution. Omega men are subject matter experts in industries ranging from Agriculture to Zoology (A-Z).





The following is a list of all of the Youth Leadership Conferences held to date.

1988 – Dallas, Texas (Hotel)
1990 - Detroit, Michigan (Housed in hotel – YLC on the campus of Wayne State University)
1992 – Atlanta, Georgia (Hotel)
1994 – Cleveland, Ohio (Case Western Reserve University)
1996 – Los Angeles, California (University of Southern California)
1998 – New Orleans, Louisiana (Dillard University)
2000 – Indianapolis, Indiana (University of Indianapolis)
2002 – Charlotte, North Carolina (Johnson C. Smith College)
2004 – Saint Louis, Missouri (Washington University)
*2005 – Atlanta, Georgia (Morris Brown College)
2006 – Little Rock, Arkansas (Baptist College)
2008 – Birmingham, Alabama (Miles College)
2010 – Raleigh, North Carolina (St. Augustine University)
2012 – Minnesota, Minneapolis (University of Minnesota)
**2013 – Kansas City, Missouri (Boys and Girls Club)
2014 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (LaSalle University)
** 2015 - Jacksonville, Florida (Edward Waters College)
2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada (University Nevada Las Vegas)
**2017 - Cincinnati, Ohio (University of Cincinnati)
2018 – New Orleans, Louisiana (Xavier University)

***2020 - Virtual IYLC 

2022 - Charlotte, North Carolina (Johnson C. Smith) 

*The first time held in conjunction with the Fraternity’s Leadership Conference
** Leadership Conferences

*** Virtual Conference (Webex)